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I moved to Mount Vernon Hospital from the Middlesex in 1985, located in Northwood, Greater London as the Lead Senior 1 Radiographer in charge of mould room services and under the auspices of the then Head of Radiotherapy Physics- Dr Ray Hudson, missing completely the Senior 2 level and a […]

People Buy People First!

In January I discussed radiographer retention and training and so this month I have included at the end a new article on Apprenticeships – “therapeutic and diagnostic radiography education moving forwards” specially written for this blog by Louise Coleman of the SCoR My last year as a student radiographer Entering […]

February Blog – Is that a smell of burning wax, ...

The impact of Brexit on Radiotherapy – February 1st 2019 We give Brexit a very brief review from a professional and corporate perspective and provide interesting and relevant professional links to provide some answers. Current Brexit status As I write this Teresa May’s government has just lost the vote in […]

The impact of Brexit on Radiotherapy