Our Vision

We want to give everyone involved within radiotherapy the simplest way to keep up to date and share knowledge. Our new 365 live website format is an on-line conference which you can access from anywhere to participate.

RadPro is owned and managed by Duncan Hynd, he has been working in Radiotherapy since 1982, he has years of experience clinically as well as commercially.  An interesting thing Duncan has done recently is supply a new 6 tonne shielding door at the British Museum for an NDT based CT scanning system, imaging their priceless artefacts. There’s never a dull day in this field!

One of Duncan’s aims is to bridge the gap between manufacturers and the front line staff without everyone having to pay huge amounts of money attending a traditional conference.

Joanna Walkworth joined RadPro in April 2016, she worked in Southampton for 7 years as a practising therapy radiographer and then transferred to a career in social media. It’s amazing that her two careers now complement each other and she is looking forward to her role as the technical and professional manager of RadPro!

Together we will give all brands within Radiotherapy a place to show-case their news and products and to support all radiotherapy staff providing a place to share research and start discussions.

We hope you love the new 365 live format, feel free to email with feedback and questions anytime to jo@radpro.eu. This is the starting point for this exciting new radiotherapy website, it will be updated daily with new clinical and product information, new companies and organisations and new jobs and events as they come online and so please come back again soon.