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YouRad Poll/Survey No2. Date: October 20th 2020

Since when has our nations “health” been judged purely by the absence of Covid 19?

Is the ‘absence of Covid’ leading us down a path of extreme national self-harm with collateral damage to NHS services including radiotherapy and cancer care, screening, livelihoods, employment, mental health and elderly people hiding away at home being just a few examples.

Now with severe lockdowns being extended nationally and infection rates of the virus on the rise, Matt Hancock has warned that the collateral damage to cancer services will likely continue if the NHS is overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases. Is he giving with one hand as the recent story in The Daily Express below explains and then taking away with the other? Should radiotherapy be part of what looks like a carrot and stick approach to health-care in the UK?

Cancer crisis: More than 100,000 patients now facing Covid 19 related delays

A FATHER who blames lockdown for his daughter’s cancer death says that the Health Secretary has promised to look into cancer services after being presented by shocking new waiting list data.

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Our Questions:

Is the Government giving with one hand and taking away with the other regarding cancer services?

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Should radiotherapy be part of a carrot and stick approach to health-care in the UK?

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Is your NHS radiotherapy centre still operating at full capacity?

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Should the private sector be contracted and step in now with Covid 19 free centres for radiotherapy and cancer care to take up any slack in NHS services?

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YouRad Poll/Survey No1. Date: 1st July 2020

Subject: Tim Farron urges Government to ‘stop lives being unnecessarily lost’ by bringing forward SABR treatment rollout

Q: Should SABR treatments be “rolled-out” nationally right now due to the coronavirus crisis Yes/No
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Example 1: How will Artificial Intelligence impact on the role of the therapeutic radiographer or radiation therapist?

How will Artificial Intelligence impact on the role of the therapeutic radiographer or radiation therapist?

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Example 2: MRI Linac – will this technology change the face of radiotherapy delivery

MRI Linac – will this technology change the face of radiotherapy delivery

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Example 3: Should UK therapeutic radiography students be taught via:

Should UK therapeutic radiography students be taught via:

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Detailed Radiotherapy Survey example

Link Story 1: A Cancer Research UK paper suggest that an 80% growth of therapeutic radiographer is required in 2017 or an additional 2000 people.

Link Story 2: A Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) research project has also now been launched to look at how to attract more men to become therapeutic radiographers.

This example survey will look in detail at the issues and problems involved and your thoughts on how these might be mitigated by a series of questions and answers.

Attrition from therapeutic radiography programs has increased at the same time as applications to degree courses have fallen creating a perfect storm which will have a potentially critical effect on the future workforce. Students leaving before graduation is now circa 25%.


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Here is a current news item for Opinion RT where we want people’s thoughts on.

Doctors tell patients to delay cancer treatment in case they catch coronavirus in hospital

NHS England is telling doctors to group their cancer patients into ‘priority levels’ according to how crucial or effective their treatment is going to be, as coronavirus causes a delay to treatment.

Doctors have been told by NHS England to prepare for a ‘disruption of services’ in cancer units over the next few weeks due to staff sickness and shortages of drugs and equipment. They have been advised to group their patients into ‘priority levels’ according to how crucial or effective the treatment is likely to be.

Anyone whose chemotherapy or radiotherapy is expected to save their life – rather than just extend it or reduce symptoms – should be a priority one or two. Patients needing emergency surgery will also be in these top two categories.

But those whose chemotherapy or radiotherapy is being used to extend their lives or just reduce symptoms should be put in a priority level of four to six. Patients needing surgery but who can wait ten to 12 weeks with ‘no predicted negative outcome’ should be priority three.

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UK to become global hub for radiotherapy research

The UK will be transformed into a global hub for radiotherapy research, pioneering the use of the latest techniques such as FLASH radiotherapy and artificial intelligence, with a new £56m research network announced by Cancer Research UK.

UK to become global hub for radiotherapy research

The network, Cancer Research UK RadNet, is the charity’s largest ever investment in radiotherapy research and will accelerate the development of advanced radiotherapy techniques, challenging the boundaries of this mainstay treatment through world-first exploratory projects.

It will unite seven centres of excellence across the country: the Universities of Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford, the Cancer Research UK City of London Centre (a partnership between UCL, Queen Mary University of London, King’s College London the Francis Crick Institute) and The Institute of Cancer Research, London in partnership with The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

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